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Coached Back To Life

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

He is one of my oldest friends, first a colleague now my coach, pre-pandemic partner in crime, accidental holiday adventurer, and the man who walked me up the aisle at my wedding (shout out to Cartagena, Colombia, 2010!).

Justin Shelley coached me back to life after I hit another wall towards the end of 2018. My anxiety levels were at an all time high. We'd talked about having some coaching sessions for a while but I hadn't felt ready to commit, until that day. All my emotions told me to leave the building, so we met for a sandwich on a bench in Canary Wharf. He instinctively knew that I needed help, and we agreed a plan.

At my lowest moments I blamed the pressure on external sources - the demanding bosses, the unrealistic deadlines, the ridiculously high standards. Failure was not an option. But the fear had crept in, the paranoia, the self-doubt. I wasn't sleeping because of the constant worry. The long hours meant I'd leave for work before my daughter awoke, and I'd arrive home after her bedtime. Oh the guilt (I'll park that for another blog post!). But of course, the worst pressure came from within, and after the first two sessions, setting some Boundaries and learning to say No, I was seeing the world through a different, cleaner lens. And I could breathe again.

The Corporate Mind by Ann Camargo

Proud is an understatement, watching Justin's journey to become a coach, how he has grown, inspired me and others around him to grow, and now as a leader in his field.

This month he has relaunched as Justin Shelley Life Coaching, check it out on his new website:

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